Jazzy Anglo Nubian Dairy Goats


 Welcome to the site of Jazzy Anglo Nubian Dairy Goats.

Established 2001 

We are members of the Dairy Goat Society of Australia and Anglo Nubian Society of Australia

Whole herd is tested annually for CAE and Johnes Disease with general herd health being excellent.

I breed for type and production. Producing large solid animals true to thier breed standard with good milk production and extended lactations.

Our Goats are shown throughout each year with ongoing success.  

Our 2010 acheivements are-

Champion Anglo Nubian Milking Doe 

Reserve Ch. Goatling

Champion & Reserve Ch. Doe Kid

Champion & Reserve Ch. Buck

Best Udder Overall

 Jazzy Havaiana Champion Doe Kid Royal Geelong Show 2009