Jazzy Anglo Nubian Dairy Goats

about us       


I was first introduced to goats in 1994, my brother had eczma as a young child which was heightened when he was exposed to anything made from cows milk. So mum bought a couple of Anglo Nubian Does so that my brother would have milk to drink. A short time later we bought two does and a buck and before long we had our first kids.

In 1995 we moved to 25 acres in Leopold and our goat population grew. By the time i was 12 i was feeding and milking goats twice a day and playing with them all day long!

We were lucky enough to have a Lady who lived around the corner that breed Saanens. She taught us a tremendous amount and soon became a dear friend.

I would go to shows with her and help show her beautiful Sannens which got me into showing my Anglo Nubians. I remember one night she came over and taught me how to clip a goat, it was quite an experience for both the goat and I!

Our first goats were registered under my mum's stud name 'Kerrybill', although it sounded too much like 'terrible' so mum soon changed it to 'Wilkira'.

When i was 16 i became a junior member and it was then in 2001 that Jazzy began.

 Anglo Nubians have the most addictive personalities and while their sometimes stubborn characteristics can mean it's testing at times, it is extremely rewarding.  

The main goal that i strive for, is producing happy and healthy animals. Animals that are true to thier breed standard with good milk production, extended lactations and lovable personalties.

I hope you to, have the oppurtunity to experience the fun and enjoyment the Anglo Nubian has to offer.



We are located in Leopold, Victoria. Which is approximately 15 minutes from Geelong or just over an hour from Melbourne.